Within the first few weeks I had already started feeling more alive / lots of energy! Since the pounds came off quickly, it made daily living easier, in that I didn't carry all that weight.

Candi S.

I have more energy - don't feel so "weighed-down". My self esteem of how I look is improving!! Give it a try and hang in there. Eventually something clicks and you realize "wanting" certain foods and actually "needing" them is simply mind over matter. You can find foods to eat at restaurants - it isn't that hard. The protein snacks are yummy!

Pamela L.

Very effective program with support throughout. I benefited from the commitment of 1x/week "meetings", weigh ins, and measurements. I have been able to understand how my body works with carbs and sugars - what to watch for in various foods and how to build my plate for each meal. I've been able to get a healthier weight and have more energy to keep going on my own.

Erika L.

More energy / no more heart burn or knee pain. It works and you are never hungry. Easy to follow program.

Leroy R.


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